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An opportunity for a patron and pro to enjoy chukkers at Congressional Polo Club for a week


Our Objective

To provide a bespoke Polo Experience organized by highly qualified polo professionals, participation in challenging matches, educational clinics, exciting asados and all the details in between. We commit to making this a brilliant experience and Congressional Polo Club your desired destination.

The Polo Experience

Opportunity to play at Congressional Polo Club in three polo matches with the club pro and other highly qualified players. A grand finale tournament at the end of your stay. The tournament will be followed by a trophy presentation and a celebratory club asado. Wether you are looking for an opportunity to network or to take your game to the next level or simply spend the week to meet and play with old friends, you will achieve all of your objectives and more with our "Polo Experience".

IMG_7892 (2018-05-15T01_49_18.613).jpg

The Fine Print

We offer this incredible experience for a weekly price of $2,500 for a patron and his pro. Horse rental, accommodations, transportation and meals can be organized for an additional fee.

For further information please email us at or call us at +1-844-260-4827. We look forward to your visit.  

The Polo Experience Week: Highlights
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